Terms and Conditions



These Terms & Conditions, together with our standard terms for relevant services (if applicable), constitute the agreement between us.


The agreement begins upon placing an order or accepting a quotation from us and remains valid until termination or completion of the project/request.

The Services:

For optimal service, you must purchase a web hosting package from us or provide login details for your external web hosting before the project commences.

Payment Structure:

Work starts after receiving a 50% deposit. We will launch the website or provide final artwork only upon payment of the remaining 50%. Deposits are non-refundable. The second payment is due as specified, with exceptions if delays are caused by Digital Affinity.


Fees are to be paid on time, becoming due once we issue an invoice, unless stated otherwise. Payment should follow the description on the invoice. Failure to pay may result in content removal until fees are settled.

Late Payment:

If payment is not received after three warning notifications and suspension, a 10% late fee will be charged to cover internal overheads and debt collection costs.

Annual Price Increases:

Annual price increases may apply to align with fluctuations in global market conditions, ranging from 5-20% per year. Notifications of increases will be provided at least 30 days in advance.

Cancellation Notice Period:

Domain, hosting, retainer, and SEO services require a 30-day cancellation notice period. Final payments due during the notice period must be settled before migration or handover works commence.

Artwork Requirements:

High-resolution copy, images, and corporate branding should be provided. Editing client artwork may incur additional charges.

Page Approval:

Upon approval and sign-off of the homepage, which establishes the look and feel of your website, the remaining pages will be finalized accordingly. It’s important to note that once a page is signed off, any additional design modifications are not permissible. If you desire to make additional alterations, progressing into a subsequent phase 2 of the project would be necessary.

Maintenance and Management Excluded:

Fees do not include monthly maintenance or management services unless agreed upon separately.

Content Excluded:

Fees do not cover costs for content writing or photography unless agreed upon separately.

Trial Period:

You have 7 business days after launch to test the website and request changes. Changes requested after this period will be billed separately.

Updates Excluded:

Fees do not include costs for updates or redevelopment work if updates are applied.

Confidential Information:

Strategies or tactics disclosed by us must remain confidential unless otherwise agreed or approved.

Right to Market:

We may include a link crediting Digital Affinity at the bottom of the website and showcase the work performed in our portfolio.